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Adelanto exclusivo "A Cocaine Subject" que formará parte de Carillon 4 "Hijo de las siete Lunas"

“A Cocaine Subject”

Being born to be a law-breaker,
I`ve turned out to be a tame-people maker.
Being born with blue-blooded veins and prince of my life,
now, I`m subject to cocaine.
Who`s to blame? Who`s to blame?

I`m just a shadow of my former self.
I`m just a shadow. Who`s to blame?
Can`t you realize the wound is still bleeding?
Can`t you realize?

I`m just a shadow of my former self.
I`m just a shadow. Who`s to blame?
Can`t you realize how sore I`m feeling?
Can`t you realize?

Being born a six-sensed child,
I was bred as an insensitive guy,
to be led, but not to lead, like a sheep.
Who`s to blame?

My blunt refusal to conform has vanished into the system which needs to be reform.
It says I come to power when I vote.
But, being about to be shipwrecked,
is it worth choosing the missile which is going to sink my boat?
Money is always the real power behind the throne.

Each tame attempt to reform the status quo I refuse to comform.
This viral situation mutates. However, it intrinsically remains the same.

Change a bit so as not to change at all.
Say you`ve changed. That you`ve really done it after all.
Demo-need to believe in their-cracy.
Money-led, chameleon politicians want me to believe
that they are my representatives, that they are my peers,
although they live like lords here.

All the reforms they claim to have made are, in fact, mere cosmetics to this day.
All I ask for is a peaceful change-over to real democracy.
It`s high time this game were over...

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